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Fast concept sketching work

Concept work starts with written concept outline.  If story driven, the storyline comes in.  Here, fast concept sketching is used to visualise basic ideas before going into further concept development.  It's a budget-wise 'day-on-day' intermediary step, different from presentation rendering used for marketing. 


Visitor Venue & Attraction design

Further detailed concept design work, master plan, pre-project architectural plans, construction plans, detailing, technical show production plans. Presentation renderings are being made by partnering artists. 




Examples of architectural design in a great variety of forms, and often with much detail. The architectural work addresses major functions like proper use, constructive soundness, energy sustainability, care for low maintenance. And bringing great experiences.


Landscaping & Water

An emphasis on lush, rich soft landscaping.  While hard landscaping serves mainly functional uses, it is soft landscaping & foliage intensity that brings magic to outdoor spaces.  Water, in all forms we can use it, complements hard & soft landscaping. 



Interior work is both spacial and atmospherical. with many tools like texture and coulour, light, even soundscape & odours.  It encomprises functional use, mood setting, theming goals, exhibit schemes.  Show set building, however, is a different section.  


Besides the work leading to built realisations, there is as well photograhy coming in, supplementing the artists side of the guy :-) .



Also, graphical work has been and is part of my production, at different domains like cartography, flyers, presentation documents, often based on photography.