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TEAM-at-ONCE ™  ~  Our method, Your merit

Your Team to measure,  a different approach. 

During “Take-In”, we consider which people should be included in the team.         The best team is a team that fits to the needs, not a team fixed into a company structure for reasons beyond the specific project. Reasons like: company size, representation matters or standardization of services...
A fixed-team company would probably like to navigate the project in such a way, all their employees are provided with a job. A fixed-team also often leads to “formats”, more of the same.  Such is quite understandable from the economic viewpoint of the firm, but just ask yourself if that is really what you want? In some cases you would conclude 'YES', then a classic established fixed-team firm is your outcome. In other cases, the conclusion would be 'NO', because you want an easy & flexible path to your project, the ability to discuss just anything, a serious investment in originality and a truly unique outcome. Then our 'Team-at-Once ™' delivery solution  is your solution.

What about guarantees? Creative work, a solid technical base, keeping our 2 feet budgetwise strongly on the floor & choise, choise, choise ! 

The common question usually is: if all-in firms invest so much in having the best possible professionals in their team, then, what kind of guarantees is the alternative system be able to offer ?
Well, this is the key to the alternative :

We have got endless choice from talents that 'roam free' in this world, and who are happy to join into a project team. They are all freelance people or own small specialist consultancy firms or run artist practices.  They very often have gained and build expertise in larger firms before, and due to their vivid sense for initiative, they stand on their own feet. The 'endless choice' is among all kind of skills and professions imaginable, including a much wider range then big firms can usually offer “in  house”.

Take note, that even all-in firms outsource many tasks, only not explictely saying so on their website. 

Full team composition commitment

At the end of "Take-In", we present the client with a full team composition commitment. This is done before the project is commissioned as such. 

In the 'Team-at-Once ™' project delivery solution, we opt for a project-wise non-pyramid style of specialist collaboration, based on consensus.   

Me, my input, your trust

My personal expertise is in the field of concept development, architecture, interior design, landscaping & master plan, coordination scheme, technical solutions based on a varied background of working fields, storyline concept writing, strong personal analytical survey & problem solving capacities. And often a kind of a "living reference database"

Concepts & storylines, designing, planning, technical imagineering...

For me, it is rather a matter of knowing the creative people, with their specific skills and affinities. I know them, talk to them, project-wise, as if it was an audition rather then a classical price demand, and then propose the full team to the client when everybody feels well to go into the specific project.                  My resources are 4-fold:      my own 'in-house' expertise, preferred partner freelance core team members, preferred partner small specialist firms, and a large quality reference network.

Project management

I am not a project manager.   I have the creative, artistic and technical skills to provide solutions and to compose and coordinate the team.           To supervise  the project however, we bring in a skilled PM who is an equal part of our team and reporting to team and owner alike. (Go to chapter)

This, also, is part of the specific 'TEAM-at-ONCE ™' delivery solution. We like to splitt up PM and CM (project manager, construction manager) functions. Most PM professionals lack out the expertise to manage a real construction-building team on site, there the CM comes in.  A CM also needs to be local to the area. Perfect knowlegde of local building regulations & habits + short travel distance is the key in this respect ! 

( Ask for the TEAM-at-ONCE ™ delivery "Service Tree" scheme (PDF), which can be sent to you on simple demand. )

Content research

Especially within the context of concept development in educative environments (museum, exhibit, heritage or nature or industry visitor center), we can provide help on content research. This can be done on different levels, and involves good use of our network of researchers to include in the team.


Building & civil engineering construction, on site landscaping, on site artwork, setbuilding, decoration, extensive theming work, showproduction, etc etc... are brought in by classic tender procedures.  However, a few preferred partners are present in this category as well !

TEAM-at-ONCE ™ ~  Project Management (PM)

Project Management  in 2 steps  

As said above in the "Our method, your Merit" section, we like to splitt up PM and CM (project manager, construction manager) functions.


Preferred partners :

Recommended Project Managers

Hans Deuze                                                                              

Specialising in development and operations
Linkedin Profile 

Wiebe Damstra 
Project management and Maintanance support 

Linkedin Profile  

Francis Stokkel  
Project manager (theme & water parks) 
                                                       Linkedin Profile   


We  propose  our  partners, but  respect  your  own  choice, if  preferred. 

TEAM-at-ONCE ™ ~  Feasibility and Marketing Guest Services, Catering, Merchandising, Events

Feasibility methodology  

Feasibility is a process rather than a specific study moment. We first guide you through checklists of "what's important" to consider. This in an 'in house' service, where the client is confronted with a clear insight in the variety of aspects that come in. By going through this initiating process themselves at first, the (first time) client is gaining better insight and understanding of what is handled in a feasibility study. This checklist process is included in our "Take-In". 

On completion of the checklists, we help you selecting the feasibility specialist consultants who will advise the project with most expertise. Market feasibility is initiated as soon as possible and then used to define the concept at full extent. After concept plan, we can provide enough data to go into basic financial feasibility. Financial feasibility can demand for recursive changes in the concept plan. Only after the eventual recursive process, business plan can be prepared to secure financing. The global feasibility study resume will be the most convincing part of any business plan.

Some crucial outcome from the feasibility study is yearly attendance figure which we demand to provide over the first 5 years of operational period.  Next related outcome is the 'Design Day' figure. By early adoption of operational plan, it is possible to reconsider aspects of sizing and capacities, which can lead to lower construction cost while retaining an optimal visitor experience and comfort. Apart from numbers, feasibility study provides advice on which qualities are needed. Both pricing and ownership cost structure advise is established as well, as inherent with the financial.

The process is not established at one point, but must do a  follow-up however, every time major decisions occur in development. We therefore recommend the financial feasibility consultant, is commissioned to be 'standby' to be able to advise at any bend in the route. 


Marketing development methodology  

One of our strong beliefs about the development of project concept and design, is that marketing should be developed alongside, not afterwards. It can provoke good interaction, bringing both on a higher level of successfulness.

Marketing must be in-line with the attraction, breathe exactly the same spirit & style and be the gentle sustainer instead of acting as the bragging alien. This can be accomplished, by making a strong agreement with the marketing partner, and considering this partner as part of the team as well. 


An early plan for services  

In the same way, services are considered as part of the concept plan, and we are having them integrated from the first steps of development. Services consist of essential operation background services, guest services, catering, merchandising and 'events & incentives'.

Development of a guest services plan is belonging to general visitor studies, which is a kind of consultancy we also offer as a standalone. 

Development of a catering and merchandising plan is done in accordance with the general (themed) concept. They are part of the global experience, and if it is a theme based experience, it is about the goal of total make-believe.

Where the business plan provides that additional revenue would be generated from rental of space+catering-and-entertainment, to accomodate incentives, parties, events, conventions... , then all practical ammenities to make these possible will be planned in all levels of design (masterplan, architecture, interiour design + organisational scheme).  

Back stage services however (this is everything that makes run the attraction experience even if it is invisible to the guests) need to be in line with everything else that is being planned. It has a technical serving function. 



Preferred partners :

Recommended Feasibility Consultancy

Petersham Group
Jonathan  Rounce  &  Keith Thomas

Leisure Development Partners (LDP)
Michael Collins  &  Yael Coifman


We  propose  our  partners, but  respect  your  own  choice, if  preferred.