TEAM-at-ONCE - Visitor attraction design

TEAM-at-ONCE ™       Service Delivery Model

This industry offers many delivery models, and most are based on piramid style decision making and communication.  We believe however, a truly creative project is not well served by a restricted financial top management, ordering downwards to design, build and operation levels, and cutting off all direct communication between design (or design-build), and the owner. 

Opposing to the classic scheme, we provide a full professional project management advice structure, within the team, as equal partners.  A PM that communicates with design and advices & reports to both design and the owner.  Decisionmaking in our model is based on consensus.  We believe, consensus is the closest to "grown-up" of all possible models.         At build time, we suggest to bring in a more specialised construction management advice structure (CM) in exactly the same way. 



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      Shortlist of core delivery of services         .   Versus team member delivery of services    .                   NOTE : the lists are not meant to be complete                                 .                          just a good indicator of what is done by whom !                               .

Direct TEAM-at-ONCE core "in house" services delivery


Base concept & scripts
Fast concept sketching
Market feasibility initiation
Team building          Master plan, including:  
General design plan
General marketing plan
General services plan   General operations plan 
Land use advise & control
Landscaping design
Area development
Interior design
Attraction concept & script
Attraction development  
General Theming plan   
Tech imagineering concept Catering concept
Merchandising concept   Project reports  

TEAM-at-ONCE project team members services delivery


Project management Contract Administration
Construction management
Concept art
Graphic art
Full story & scriptwriting
Music composer
Soundscape designer
Architectural light design
Show light design
Theatrical light design  
Civil engineering
Structural engineering
Electrical engineering
Mechanical engineering
Show management


Preferred partner or classiclal tender procedure services and end products delivery


Feasibility consultancy
Site Builders
General construction
Interiour builders
Music performance
Video production
Full theming & setbuilding
Show control
Website development
Retail planning
Food & beverage planning
Life Show producer
Life performers