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TEAM-at-ONCE ™   A-Z development in detail


We offer a low cost introductory phase, called 'TAKE-IN', embedded in step A/ from below.

During 'TAKE-IN', thanks to our original, handy & extensive checklist procedure, we get established a very quick, highly detailed preview of what the project would encompass.  Here, we present you an exemplary shortlist on the myriad of subjects handled in our 'TAKE-IN' checklists :

Division 1 : Project references.    

Division 2 : Initial Project Goal Settings.   Scope, Schedule and Budget  (In terms of target location options, target public, budget outlines),  Additional basic Project concept elements (leisure type mix, sizing, density, company structure model ... etc),   Basic theming  (general and sub-theming, feasible storylines, atmosphere settings, sidelines)

Division 3 : Collecting facts.   Preliminary input data,  Market Feasibility initiation    

Division 4 : Preliminary Master Plan Concept.      Park Layout concept descriptives, Visitor/Crowd Management Initiation,  Soft Landscaping Concept,  Hard Landscaping Concept & Access & CirculationFurther business development & positioningConstruction Planning AdviceAttraction Planning & Design InitiationOperational optionsGrow-in-time plan optionsRisk management options, ... and more.

In fact you, the enterpreneur, will get more basic orienting information compiled in this fast low cost procedure, then you probably would after spending your first  €5000-15000 on some classic consultancy from the big offices !  The efficiency is due to the fact our 'TAKE-IN' execise is giving you, the client, the frame & key to search & re-deliver us accurately most data we need to start !   It is about building trust and about not getting you, the client, into kind of an early high spending adventure you don't fancy. 

Please, inquire about the TAKE-IN phase !

Also, read more about the TEAM-at-ONCE delivery model & Service Tree. 

Or the Shortlist of Core delivery of services.



The usual path of development for a theme park or a themed attraction, chronologically, is as follows:

In case of a theme park, the path of development usually gets subdivided in a modular style, into similar trajectories for every single attraction, show, catering spot (etc.) separately, within the job sections F/, G/ and I/.   (Yellow indications are generally performed through external preferred partner consultancy)


A/ Intellectual Pre-Investment 1   Preliminary concept & Market feasibility [MFS]
To have initiated a Market Feasibility Study [MFS]. We help at basics with Checklists & advice, and the choice of a feasibility consultancy.  External MFS consultant must be financed from ready money.
To have written down a preliminary concept plan. (with base themes/storyline)
 ==> This gets you to the first moment of critical decision, perhaps you stop before you really start.

B/ Intellectual Pre-Investment 2    Concept development & 1st Cost estimate
To have designed a preliminary sketch-up (un-themed) master plan, to materialize the concept plan, and to describe all further aspects in detail. This can include options for several park sizes.
And, to have made up a preliminary and rough global project cost estimate.

C/ Intellectual Pre-Investment 3    Financial feasibility [FFS]
To use the data of both A/ (market) and B/ (the project)  into a Financial Feasibility Study. [FFS]
 ==> This gets you to the second moment of critical decisions: Go-on, review (recursive) or stop.

D/ Intellectual Pre-Investment 4    Business plan
To proceed with the business plan. We provide the necessary project details.
External ! The business plan is not static, you can build & modify it throughout the trajectory.  The business plan must be your own venture lead, not the voice of an outsider.  Review of your business plan by a specialist, however, is more then advised, unless you have those skills 'in home'.

E/ Main business phase 1              Business team & Financing
To establish the agreements with financing and working partners.
 ==> This gets you to the third moment of critical decisions. Go-on, delay, put on hold or cancel.

F/ Main project development 1      Full content development & design
F-1 To have made up full content development.  Includes: content section of master plan, storyline development (script/storyboard, full story, narratives, soundscape, lightscape...), media development, ambiance development, park dynamics...             F-2 To have made up full themed design.  Includes: physical area master plan, attraction design, architectural & landscaping, tech solutions, detail, graphics...  Most of the Design cost budget will be consumed in this phase.
==> includes new specialists (*) coming in (team building)
==> includes evaluations, in pace with the design process
==> final decision moment on the project, including the needed investment capital
....(always time to review parts of the project, if the results do not satisfy)

G/ Main business phase 2              Management & Marketing setup
To get a management model and a marketing strategy established.  We provide much input.
Only here, elements like branding, name giving, graphics, website building... are really getting decided. Also, presentations through full rendering, video etc.: costly productions, thus commissioned for the GO moment only.

H/ Main business phase 3              Financial close
Final Hard Checkup on the “build-it” capital financing.

I/ Main project development 2       Full realization - Build
To get it build. This also includes run time tests.  For us, full realization involves fruitful advising & cooperation with the  Construction Manager.  The CM here is the leading partner.  Build-up cost budget will be consumed in this phase.

J/ Main project development 3       Full realization - Human resources
To get it opened and run. This also includes safety procedures, staff training. For us full realization involves fruitful advising & cooperation with the  Project Manager & the Operator.  The PM here is the leading partner.  Liquidity bridging capital will be needed in this phase, however, it may not be consumed. Run-time costs, start with staff training. Liquidity bridging capital, should be sufficient to run the first year, up to full 3 years. 

K/ Main business phase 4               Follow up
To do active follow up (evaluations by season) and providing further growth, in the same spirit.


A NOTE  on parts  I/  &  J/  'FULL REALIZATION'

This is an extensive phase, where the actual builders and the operators come in, where a few extra different consultants play a role and where most of the budget is spent. 

Full realization has it's own structure, not explicitly mentioned in the concept & design path of development above.  We can inform you further on these matters, during 'TAKE-IN'.


TEAM-at-ONCE ™                Other Services


Apart from the development of new (standalone) attractions, extensions to an existing or a complete new theme park, it would be a pleasure to help you with many of the minor services you might need to keep your venue in good condition.

• Visiting Parameters Analysis & Preliminary Advice plan (Qualitative feasibility)         • Visitor circulation / Crowd management Consultancy
     * Analytic surveys on existing situations to improve operation.
     * Visitor circulation planning and design for both
          - general crowd management (operation capacities, safety)
          - visitor wait line experience enhancement.
• Themed Attraction 'troubleshooting' solutions
     * Themed environment upgrading
        (from static decoration to living “make-believe” level)
     * Main Attraction, Side-show, Catering, Shop & Entertainment integration
        (called: Cluster Building)
     * Attraction content improvement
        (change or add-on, to haul the attraction to a higher level)
     * Landscape infill to attractions
        (fighting the 'cheap looking' bare/hard environments)
• Classical or Interactive Exhibit Design
• Ride Layout improvement (existing ride enhancements)
• Ride System imagineering
   (not on thrill rides, but into dark rides, adventures, show-movers)
• Park Landscaping improvement
   (bringing more visual value to the existing space)
• Catering Concept improvement
   (in collaboration with a team specialist in catering concepts)
• Narrative Development Consultancy
   (in collaboration with a team specialist: scripts, spiels etc.)
• Themed Entertainment infill concepts
   (in collaboration with life performance specialists)
• Special Effects imagineering Consultancy
   (idea development + coordination of specialists)

If you have any demand for such (and other) specific standalone consultancies, first inquire and explain what you need, we can answer you quickly if a service can be offered or not, or we can advise you a specialized colleague, as a courtesy !



My services include full architectural design as a Belgian licensed architect, also belonging to the Belgian association of expert architects (available for building damage surveys). Classic architectural services, or the supervising thereof.  For any distant site, cooperation with a local architect for adaption to local regulations, building permit handling, tender and construction work supervising will be established. 

• General Architecture and Design solutions, including Interior & Landscaping
     * Themed concept Architecture and Design
     * Non-themed classic elegant Architecture and Design



Some of the service information sheets available, include :

♦  Service Tree, for an A-Z project development 

♦  General Visitors Studies, including Visitor Management & Crowd Management

♦  Revenue - Cost - Break Even, reference tables, informative document

♦  The TEAM-AT-ONCE approach, full services and approach notes on PDF format