TEAM-at-ONCE - Visitor attraction design

Visitor Venue    Master plan & Attraction design

Full design goes through several stages : further and detailed concept design work, master plan, pre-project architectural plans, construction plans, detailing, technical show production plans.     In this full suite of design work graphic artists, architect & engineer all produce their part.


  Expo 1992 Sevillia,

  Belgian Pavillion

  Competition  proposal entry








Design work, 2009, at  Heirman clock studio.   Astronomical showclock, automaton and kinetic art museum.

Top Right:  the clockbuilders life & work multimedia circular theater show. 

Top Left:  astronomical showclock + mechanical planetarium + allegoric  starsky showcase tour & program.  

Left:  Proposed connection of museum    to the Brugge congress center.








Media & Arts museum & exhibit venue, near central station, Karlsruhe, Germany.

Competition entry team member.  ( Project in Karlsruhe was cancelled. )





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