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"A dog of Flanders" - Antwerpen (2nd update)

Posted by Herwig Delvaux on March 10, 2011 at 7:00 AM

(Updated April 2013)


Project Concept work & design is going on to give the "A dog of Flanders"  ,  "Furandaasu no inu" (Jp)   classic christmas story a permanent home in the city of Antwerpen, Belgium. 

The story and it's versions :

Original story published in 1872, authour Ouida.  

Interpreted in :  5 Holywood films,  1 Japanese anime film,  2 Japanese anime TV-series,  1 contribution in the "Old stories of the world" manga TV series in Japan, the Kanazawa Orchestral Ensemble multimedia version (* see video below), and  1 Japanese story transposition film. 

More, one Belgian documentary project film version plus an exhibition and book about the story and the Japanese visitors to Antwerpen


Patrasche, a Dog of Flanders - Made in Japan

Altogether allready 12 productions based on this story, produced between 1914 and 2009.

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The  visitor attraction  will be aimed at both tourists and locals, and will connect closely to the cathedral with the famous paintings from P.P.Rubens,  paintings that play a key role in the story, especially in the finale. 

We keep people informed !

Interested co-developers, co-investors (investment financing will be basically private, and could attract public granting from the city after private money is ready) and/or sponsors can contact me.


Promo PDF text explaining the project, is available now in 3 languages : English, Japanese and Dutch

== Investment particopation partners are welcomed ==

Ask your copy now !!

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