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Composer Alex Otterlei, "New Beginnings"

Posted by Herwig Delvaux on December 24, 2011 at 7:05 AM

Yesterday 23th dec 2011, Flemish composer Alex Otterlei had his "New Beginnings" composition performed in premiere, with the East Flemish Symphonic Orcherstra (OVSO).  It was a pleasure to attend the premiere. The OVSO has a 3 year existance now, a 60 musicians strenght, and under the direction of Geert Baetens.

Alex Otterlei, as a composer, is one of my preferred team members into full experience development, where soundscape and music plays an essential role.  As I did introduce Alex to the existence of this brilliant new high level volunteer orchestra only 4 months ago, it is a pleasure to see a cooperation taking off so quickly and fruitfully. I really hope to include the orchestra into our future attraction music performance work, just as successfully.

Listen to fragment by clicking

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