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Success in themed design - Part 1 - Experience versus marketing.

Posted by Herwig Delvaux on December 18, 2010 at 7:07 AM

I like to share thoughts around the subject "Success in themed design". Thoughts that are derived from observations, and that are part of our awareness duringthe design process.

Part 1

Let the experience be better then the promise from marketing side.

Visitors receive all of the marketing messages well. Usually, marketing is excelling in raising high expectations, as these expectations attract crowds, isn't it ?

Really excelling attractions (the best on earth...) are both rare AND dazzling costly. In that case, the chances are small that they get a bad effect from overrating in marketing.

But in average conditions, what if the 'bravoure' of words is not matched by reality? Deception !

The far majority "word of mouth" communcation, is about comparing marketing raised expectations and the reality met when visiting. It accounts for both positive and negative word of mouth.




In our delivery model, our standard development platform is composed as a tripod :

Design Lead * Marketing Lead * Services Lead

Marketing lead, as 2nd leg of the construction, must never be alien to the reality of design! That is something we seriously look after. Marketing is not coming in as a wild hurricane, but as a refreshing summer breeze.

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