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About   TEAM-at-ONCE ™      ... in a nutshell

TEAM-at-ONCE ™  offers Concept development, master planning, artistic & technical design, advice and coordination.

TEAM-at-ONCE is a concept development and design service for visitor venues and themed attractions, through delivery model, based on consensus.  We care about uniqueness, so we don't like off-the-shelf projects. That is the Blank Page approach.
Being small scaled however,   is a benefit towards the customer who wants personal involvement throughout the development process, and it's cutting typical overhead costs due to company size. 


We're teaming up experienced free lance professionals and 'preferred partner' specialized small firms, to join forces fit for your project.                See lower on page!          "Your Development Team"   can include all you need: Concept, master planning, feasibility guidance, bespoke design (themed, architecture, landscaping, interior and detail...), artist production, scriptwriting, music, lighting, video, classic and experience engineering, operational planning and future   expansion planning.    MORE


We start listening to you, and do an extensive & efficient wish-list check up offered as a low cost introductory phase, called  'TAKE-IN', helping you, the enterpreneur, to define the project in detail, and guiding straight to first concept and primary market feasibility study.


Feasibility is a process rather than a specific study moment. First, we guide you through checklists of "what's important" to consider.       Then, we help you selecting the feasibility specialist consultants who will advise the project with most expertise.                          MORE


A-Z project development comes in for establishing new venues, but as well expanding projects or complete rebuilds. Look into "Our method" and "A-Z development"  pages to find out what you like to know.                         MORE


Besides a-z project development, we can offer specific consultancy in the same field of visitor venues, attractions & theme parks, museum or exhibit.               It includes:
General architecture and design solutions (including interior & landscaping),
Visitor Management studies,
Themed Attraction 'troubleshooting' solutions,
Improving or redeveloping existing facilities,
Narrative Development,  Classical or Interactive Exhibit Design...              and   MORE


Being European, means offering a different cultural approach on leisure concept and development then American companies would. We are proud to offer talents from visual arts, theater arts, music, architectural design & landscaping, experience engineering, content & perception research. 

Behind words and drawings on these pages is...

... me,        Herwig Delvaux, owner and founder in 2007 of this joint-forces based project called TEAM-at-ONCE as an extension of my general practice since 1989 of concept work, architecture, interior design & landscaping.  Member of the Flemish wing of Belgian licensed architects organization, of Archi-Europe Group  but I have quit IAAPA by 2016.  Initiator on EAFAD European Association of Freelance Attraction Designers

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Business data:          Enterprise number EC-Belgium         VAT  BE 0.727.042.318

Preferred team members & partners

Preferred freelance team members & preferred specialized firm partners, are listed and if possible linked here-under. This is not a representation of the network, but a listing of those who enjoy being fully visible with their own consultancy, art studio or production facility.  As a network courtesy !


Artist studio

THUURART  -  Arthur Scheijde Creativity

Concept art, visualizations, industrial design, animations.



Colin Ashcroft  -  concept art      


 Yves Capelle  -  concept art 


Illustratiestudio Anne Luchies

Sjan Weijers Illustration & Concepts

Koen Fossey         Portfolio at:    


Erwin Vanmol



Music & Soundscape Composer


Jean-Jacques Lemêtre


Alex Otterlei  





OVSO Symphonic Orchestra



Design, engineering & planning Consultancy


 Topview Engineering
Structural & Mechanical Design,
specialized in amusement ride engineering.


 ACT lighting design
Architectural and Entertainment lighting design   and consultancy.





Realisation : scenic & technical builders 


 Neverland Themepark Projects
General arts- and crafts workshop for             decoration, theming, set-building, sculpture,   painting, floats (parades).



De Vliegezwam - Bram De Braekeleer   

2.CREATE - Wim Tweepenninckx   


 Delta Interactive ltd
Technical solutions for creative people.
Use of technology in amazing, interactive ways.







Event & live show organising


 World Events Imagineering
Development of experience concepts, serving any kind of event, through building affective relationships with the clients target public. 






We  propose  our  partners, but  respect  your  own  choice, if  preferred.