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Themed attractions :  concept, planning & design

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Ongoning Project concept  development:
Flanders, Belgium
4 main themed zones : 
Reynaert the Fox tales - fantasy
MERCATOR history - edutainment
Fabulous River-nature - edutainment
 Interactive Historic visits (Fort site)
Plus: botanic garden, Indoor water park, recreational fun & regional sightseeing tours
A History-edutainment darkride key attraction for the park
Experience 16th century trade destinations, from all over the world! 
All aboard !
Investor search open !
I am pleased to introduce 'your' solution
to story-driven & themed attraction concept, planning and design,
and to the other bespoke services my consultancy can offer.
The fun-world needs excitingly real good fun, 
the educative-world needs sound & appealing interpretations,
alongside with serious budget control.
We have something nice to offer,
perhaps priceless :
Bringing distinguishable uniqueness,
so that you're not  the slightly modified copy of your neighbour,
not even his temporary upgraded version,
but  will  be remembered as...  yourself  !! 
Your Neighbour is not the standard. 
You stand out !
Not by doing "more" but by being different !

                             Think ...

Are you ? ... 

Owner, investor, initiator, director, development manager ...

... of an existing or a future visitor attraction ?

Like : a theme park, standalone themed attraction, museum, visitor center, zoo, FEC, (botanical) show garden, sports-leisure facility, hotel, campground, themed restaurant or shop, playground venue ?


You could be looking for :

Compelling visitor experiences ?

Genuine storyline driven themed attractions ?

A concept plan to serve a growing property strategy ?

An A-Z concept, development & design service ? 


Visitor studies related consultancy: analysis, advice & troubleshooting solutions ?

Or just captivating, imaginative architecture & landscaping ?


 You can get the above from :

A freelance based consultancy & all freelance project team ... 
... where the first step helping you into project definition,  is free 
... where the first step leads you to get correct market feasibility (*)
... where the first step includes a full team composition commitment
... where unique content is touching more emotions then just "thrill"
... where storytelling concept development really precedes design
... where we're addicts of a Blank Page approach, no generics ever
... where we think out of the box, but right into buildable solutions 
... where theming is no synonym of decorating, but of make-believe
... where development budget is spent on the right moments 
... where no representational overhead costs are billed
... where efforts aim at symbiosis of content, tech, fun & top art
Cooperation with other specialized quality preferred partner firms. (*) We  propose  our  partners, but  respect  your  own  choice, if  preferred.



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